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31Oct-2016. | Annual Japanese Summer Festival


The Japanese Society of Melbourne celebrating an amazing festival every year to kensington_Annual_Japanese_Summer_Festival_IMG1share their best Japanese culture, food, activities and entertainment.

These are the following events feature during the said festival:


kensington_Annual_Japanese_Summer_Festival_IMG2Dance groups wearing kimono perform specific dances according to the music being played over speakers along the dance route.






kensington_Annual_Japanese_Summer_Festival_IMG3Sushi is the most prominent Japanese dish during the event. Even In Japan, sushi is usually
enjoyed throughout special occasions or any celebrations.

All people present during the event will surely enjoy both conventional and modern Japanese performances, culture, food, activities and dances.




kensington_Annual_Japanese_Summer_Festival_IMG4kensington_Annual_Japanese_Summer_Festival_IMG5The main stage usually features debut performances from local performers who will be playing with classic numbers including Taiko
drumming, Okinawan folk music, and more.

And, anyone who arrives in best Japanese costume has a big chance to win and bring home great prizes. Towards the end of the festival there will also be a raffle that includes over thirty prizes to be won.

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