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02Nov-2016. | 2020 Olympics Preparation

The Olympic Games, an international sports festival that the ultimate goals are to encourage human beings to contribute to world peace through sports. The extravaganza Rio Olympic was just ended were all the athletes frolic through. And this coming 2020 the safest, one of the most fun and extraordinary city in the Far East Asia, Japan will be hosting the biggest sports festival in the world for the second time. The budget allocated for this event is $3 billion or six times higher but currently reviewing the estimates. They have to prepare for the challenge in matching the legacy they made last 1964 Olympic Games.

Japan is well known for its innovations, this coming Olympics they are planning to make way for the debut of the Robot Taxi, one of the many Japanese projects. A collaboration between mobile and online services firm DeNA and robotics company ZMP, is refitting existing vehicles with self-driving technology. Not only that, Japan is also planning to make medals out of smartphones by pulling metals out of the recycled electronics. They said that in this way they will not be needing mining companies to donate those precious metals.

Organizers declared that there is enough precious metal in Japan’s e-waste to produce all the metal needed, but the first obstacle will be that most of the metal is already spoken for, used to make new electronics. If they move forward, there may be an initiative to frame donating electronics as a way for citizens to directly participate in the Games, helping form the medals with discarded smartphones and other small electronics. Japan is also designing a national stadium with the swipe pass and they will get verified by facial recognition software and will be guided to their seats. Smartphone application will use 10 languages to accommodate all the different races. They may gaze up at the night sky from anywhere in Tokyo to see an artificial meteor shower show unfolding 50 miles above their heads. All the spectators will also be shuttled around the city by the robot taxis.

All Japan’s innovators, Olympic organizers, entrepreneurs and academics are preparing and working hard on this projects because this 2020 Olympic Games will not be just a sports festival of the world but also a chance to exhibit the innovation of their scientific technologies, also this could help Japan enhance their society and be the exemplary city in the world.

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