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31Oct-2016. | Melbourne Japanese Restaurants

The Japanese population in Australia is undeniably growing and there is a steady intercultural circulation of people mutually embracing tourist exchange and dependable economic relations between Australia and Japan. One of the industries that grew as the Japanese community became larger every year is their food industry; many Japanese restaurants are built all over Australia. Here is some of the Japanese restaurant around Melbourne that you can look in on when you are around:

Sake Restaurant and Bar Hamer Hall is one of the iconic Japanese restaurants in Melbourne Australia it is situated alongside the breathtaking Yarra River.  The restaurant specializes in classic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist, served alongside beverages designed to enhance and compliment the flavors. Two of the signature dishes they served are popcorn shrimp, known for the crispiness of that creamy batter which shames all ordinary tempura, the bite-sized pieces make you want to pop another one and the buttery miso which will do wonders with the shrimp. The second one is the Aburi Hokkaido scallops with salted capers, tofu and lime. Sake’s preparation of the scallops yielded a sensationally creamy texture that redefined the phrase of melting in the mouth. It is a delicious starter that will want you to crave for more.

Aka Siro, a Japanese restaurant that has a red and with designs that means a simple, homely and practical Japanese restaurant. It is located in 106 Cambridge Street Collingwood 3066. The dishes are the sorts of Japanese staples you’d call your favorites. They serve a very traditional Japanese homestyle cooking that consists of simple and subtle flavors.

Takoyaki is also available in Aka Siro, a popular street food in Japan, a deep-fried octopus balls made with yam, flour, egg, dashi and tender chunks of seafood topped with a sticky takoyaki sauce, kewpie mayonnaise and dried bonito fish flakes that wiggle in the heat. There are also a couple of interesting vegetarian options. Visit the restaurant and you’ll be greeted with a smile and a mixture of ‘irasshaimases’ and ‘how are yous’ coming from their friendy and approchable staff. You’ll be treated so well with grace and the same courteousness will follow you out as you leave.

Takumi Japanese Restaurant is Wagyu Beef Specialist in Melbourne, it is a new concept restaurant owned and operated by the Japanese specializing in only the highest quality Wagyu. They offer selections of unique signature dishes including Takumi’s style Wagyu tenderloin carpaccio, tsukune chicken ball skewer and salmon carpaccio.

At Takumi, they pride themselves on their ability to provide a warm and friendly service to enhance your dining experience. The restaurant is spacious, comfortable and relaxing and the favorite destination for fine Japanese dining. They have lots of courses to offer you and will satisfy your experience at Takumi.

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