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27Oct-2016. | Korean Restaurants in Melbourne

Korean cuisine is being embraced in Australia. There are lots of Korean restaurant within Melbourne where many people can fully enjoy the authentic Korean taste.  These are the Five Korean restaurants we can recommend.


Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ

Aussies love to eat barbeque. So do Koreans, whose version of barbeque involves cooking your meal on mini charcoal BBQs at the table in an industrial-chic spot with graffitied walls. If you want some BBQ to satisfy your cravings just visit Melbourne Hwaro Korean BBQ Restaurant.



Gami Chicken and Beer

They serve one of the best Korean-style fried chickens in Melbourne. Apparently their second name is KFC stand for Korean Fried Chicken not Kentucky. The fried chicken here is totally awesome and something that you need to try.



Guhng The Palace

Guhng is a Korean BBQ place and bar hidden on one of the charming laneways in Melbourne, McKillop St. The restaurant it’s decorated with classy interior and dim romantic lighting. This is also one of the best places for Korean bbq in Melbourne.



Seoul Soul

This Korean restaurants offer high quality Korean food in low price. They serve yummy kimchi pancake and teokbokki that once you’ve tried it you’ll surely miss it and go back again. The kimchi pancake is dense and not very spicy, but still tasty and you will love that it comes with gherkins. Atmosphere is positive and it still feels private.


Mrs Kim’s Grill

A Korean barbecue restaurant offers a homemade marinades and kimchi. They offer good service, tasty food, quality meat and reasonable price. Often they serve complimentary rice and seaweed for kids. If you are planning to eat here make sure you book online because this restaurant is so busy during peak hours.


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